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The four year EC-funded project, Sim4Blocks, focused on the development of innovative demand response (DR) services for residential and commercial applications. The project combined decentralised energy management technology at the blocks-of-buildings scale to enable DR.

The DR systems and services were tested in three pilot sites in Germany, Spain and Switzerland, and were tested together with applications and for intuitive user interaction. Successful models will be transferred to the customers of project partners in further European countries (Belgium, France, UK)

The pilot sites are blocks of highly energy-efficient buildings with diverse energy systems and, most importantly, the infrastructure necessary for testing DR strategies.

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Why we need Sim4Blocks

scientific innovation

The unpredictable nature of energy produced from solar and wind energy sources means that the electricity ecosystem needs to become more flexible. DR offers this flexibility.

Our main objectives

Sim4Blocks has ambitious objectives

Sim4Blocks has ambitious objectives that will enable Demand Response by specifying the technical characteristics needed, optimising tariffs and RES supply fluctuations and implementing business models.

What is Demand Response?


Demand response (DR) is when consumers adjust their use of electricity to match what is available at the time. We call this using power when the wind is blowing or the sun is shining.

Working in Partnership

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