DR-BOB, the Sim4Blocks sister project that demonstrates the economic and environmental benefits of demand response in blocks of buildings, publishes paper on developing effective and innovative demand response (DR) business models.

The paper titled, “Identification of value proposition to underpin innovative business models for demand response products and services enabled by the DR-BOB solution”, has been published in Buildings 2017 and presents exciting new results on the development of a scalable and accessible solution for DR in blocks of buildings across the EU.

The DR-BOB solution hopes to enable the aggregation of the DR potential of blocks of buildings through three streams which are explained in detail in the paper: the Local Energy Manager (LEM); a Consumer Portal (CP); a Decentralised Energy Management System (DEMS ® ).

Key results are presented in the paper around Business Modelling development for DR products and services enabled by the DR-BOB solution. The work presented looks at how DR solutions can be made valuable to customers and aggregators, exploring the point of view of a DR solution provider, and understanding how the DR market will progress and develop.

The paper draws upon interviews and analysis from the project’s pilot sites – UK, France, Italy and Romania – in order to highlight views representative of management and customers and to start tailoring the Business Model to the specific pilot cases.

To read the paper in full to learn about the key findings and the next stage of the project, follow the link.