Poster submissions and the call for participation are still open for the unique one-off workshop, Everyday Automation Experience, which is being led by a multitude of researchers and scientists in the field of automated systems in smart homes and the subsequent human reactions, to investigate the requirements and design criteria for non-expert users encountering ubiquitous automated systems.

Peter Fröhlich, senior scientist at AIT, is currently working on user-driven energy management strategies on the Sim4Blocks project and is one of the key organisers of the workshop, Everyday Automation Experience: Non-expert users encountering ubiquitous automated systems, which is taking place at CHI’19 in Glasgow, UK on the 5th May 2019.

As the role of automation in our environment continues to have an impact, the workshop is looking to address and discuss three significant challenges:

  • Automation intelligibility
  • Experienced control
  • Capturing automation XP

The workshop will investigate the requirements and design criteria for automation that are experienced by non-experts in everyday situations and its discussions will be extremely rewarding from the submission of papers they are kindly asking participants to provide, describing their recent or future work in the field of everyday automation experiences.

From these papers the workshop will be creating a forum for researchers and practitioners working on automated systems and corresponding human interactions to come together and communicate their challenges in preparation for creative team work later in the day on promising approaches for the chosen challenges.

These discussion rounds and creative sessions will be core to the production of a structure map of topics to be addressed in future research.

Sim4Blocks is a key support on this workshop and would like you to get involved and add your expertise and knowledge to the topics of the day, based on the experience gained whilst working on the project.

To participate, follow the instructions here.

And for more information on this workshop visit the website.