CIMNE is an autonomous research and development centre, created in 1988. CIMNE has the experience and reputation gained through participation in more than 910 R&D projects with the financial support of the European Community, and various organizations as well as Spanish and international enterprises. CIMNE

Within CIMNE, the Buildings Energy and Environment (BEE) Group is an independent research group of around 20 researchers, focussing their R&D activities on methodologies and tools for the reduction of CO2 emissions in the urban environment. Within this focus, work is organised along three lines: applied research for the energy retrofitting of buildings and neighbourhoods; applied research for the introduction of renewable energies and energy efficient methodologies in the building sector and consultancy and assessment to municipalities to enhance their sustainable urban development.

CIMNE BEEGROUP are dedicated to achieving the highest possible energy performance in as many buildings as possible, by the practical application of research results in a real, business oriented, environment. In practical terms this means practicing what we preach. For example, the Municipal Information Energy System (SIE) ( developed by CIMNE BEEGROUP, an energy management service enabling auditing, monitoring and control municipal energy consumption in public buildings and public lighting systems is implemented in over 5000 public buildings and 250 municipalities. In 2012, in collaboration with RSM Gasso, an energy services company, Inergy as a spin-off business ( have been set up.

Key personnel

Jordi Cipriano –