A small team from Sim4Blocks will be attending the next Annex 67 meeting in March after the success of collaborating with the project.

Malcolm Yadack, Ursula Eicker and Donal Finn from partner group HFT Stuttgart will be attending the Annex 67 expert meeting in Barcelona on 26-28 March 2018, and will give a presentation on the Sim4Blocks project.

Annex 67, coordinated by the International Energy Agency, aims to increase awareness of the energy flexibility of buildings (the ability to manage energy demand and generation according to various user, climate and grid conditions) and demonstrate how they can provide for the energy grids.

The project holds biannual meetings with other leading projects from around the world in the field of renewable energy technologies, to collaborate and exchange information and in-depth knowledge of the flexibility potential of buildings for the design of future smart energy systems and buildings.

Yadack, Eicker and Finn will look to make an important contribution to the meeting with regards to the progress and research of the Sim4Blocks project, which focuses on the development of innovative demand response services for residential and commercial buildings.

The Annex 67 and Sim4Blocks projects’ goals are aligned in that they aim to raise awareness of how energy flexibility in buildings through demand response is the way towards smart energy systems and cities of the future for utilities, smart energy businesses, policy makers and government entities.

This is a great opportunity for Sim4Blocks, and so we look forward to catching up with the team afterwards.

To find out more about Annex 67 visit their website.