WattGo recently attended the successful European Utility Week 2017 in Amsterdam where the atmosphere was electrifying and ideas were cutting-edge.

In her opening keynote speech Manson Janssen, chair of Topsector Energie and CEO of Ecorys, set the tone of the conference: “You won’t be selling energy in the future – you’ll be selling life.” For the rest of the two days delegates, exhibitors and stakeholders spoke of the future needs of customers and future expectations of technology and data.

Some of the main topics of the summit included: the flexibility of the Smart Grid; customer-friendly business models; changing Smart Cities and Utilities; data and the IoT; and EU policy. One lead EUW17 participant emphasised that rapid analytics and improved decision making is at the forefront of the grid and needs to be exploited.

“With the computing power of a smartphone embedded in every meter, distributed intelligence is fundamentally shifting the paradigm for smart metering and redefining what’s possible for both grid operations and customer service,” the participant added.

WattGo specialises in IT and algorithm developments related to energy data analysis, in particular platforms that analyse electric load curves and deliver energy intelligence to utilities, and exhibited both WattGo and HomePulse, their new utility service model, at this year’s summit. There was a great turn-out of visitors to the booth with chats and discussions centred around the link they presented between research, new business models, risk taking and risk mitigation.

20171003 Mathilde at our WATTGO-HOMEPULSE booth in EUW2017 (IMAG1792)[1]











One participant pointed out that “novel technologies are proven and available so there must be focus upon the business case. The priority now is insight, intelligence and implementation”. At HomePulse, databases are focused on this, collecting data on more than 1,500 households to deliver quantitative research about energy consumption for major stakeholders.

Another participant said, “The consumer is becoming active. The full shift from consumer to prosumer may not have occurred yet but the consumer is increasingly demanding more from utilities.” Special hub sessions and breakout groups came together and discussed matters such as this through case studies and pilots that were shared with almost 12,000 visitors.

The BRIDGE Initiative was also launched at the event by the European Commission, to allow 2020 Smart Grid and Energy Storage projects to contribute to create a common view on cross-cutting issues. This was something Sim4Blocks project saw as a key consideration to take away from the summit.

In whole, the summit offered excellent opportunities to make face-to-face connections with smart energy leaders, key influencers, new market entrants and the worldwide global industry through onsite activities, networking receptions and lunches, and through the EUW networking App. WattGo found this a great opportunity to present the development of Sim4Blocks.