Sunny Southern Europe will become increasingly connected to its Central and Northern European neighbours with the ongoing development of cross border interconnectors. This is one of the crucial factors behind Spain’s decision to include an additional 5 GW capacity from STE/CSP plants in its Integrated National Energy and Climate plan (NECP). Complete with inherent storage capabilities, STE can provide flexible, dispatchable power supply at utility scale as well as offering competitive grid reserve to support additional non-flexible RES such as wind and solar PV. Article promoted byESTELA.

Spain’s NECP has been approved by the Spanish Council of Ministers and submitted to the European Commission. ESTELA, the representative association of the European Solar Thermal Electricity sector (also known as concentrated solar power), highlights that the plan includes a proposed increase in installed capacity of solar thermal electricity from 2,300 MW to 7,303 MW by 2030.

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