At the end of 2018, Jordi Cipriano, director of the Building Energy and Environment Group at CIMNE, attended a training course on almost zero energy consumption buildings (nZEB) hosted by the Catalan Energy Institute in Spain.

The introduction course on trends and business opportunities was the sixth session of six on nZEB. The construction of new buildings will have to be nZEB as of the end of December 2020, according to the European Directive 2010/31/EU. The complete six-part course looked at the influencing factors of design and construction in nZEB so that once built, these buildings really consume little energy.

Jordi Cipriano attended the sixth session which looked at energy management such as economic analysis, life cycle costs, guaranteed savings contracts and the incorporation of energy costs into budgets.

Over the course of the day there were six presentations, of which Cipriano, representing Sim4Blocks, led one on the, Flexibility of demand for homes and cinemas. The session created open discussions with everyone actively participating, and some topics creating furthering interest: how demand response services could be rolled out in Spain under the existing market constraints; issues related to the direct load control of heat pumps and some use cases currently being managed in Catalonia as examples.

There were approximately 40 attendees, mainly professionals, ranging from architects to engineers.

For more information on the course, click here. (Please note, the information is in Spanish).