ENERGEA was founded in the year 2010 as an engineering firm specializing in energy efficiency and high efficiency energies that provides engineering and consulting services for energy users interested in reducing their energy bills and environmental impact. Energea also serves as an energy service company in the public housing and service sectors.Energea

Energea provides a wide range of services in order to increase energy efficiency of facilities and to obtain more sustainable the energy uses of the activities. Energea also has experience in R&D projects with the financial support of the European Community focusing on efficiency technology and sustainable activities for the reduction of CO2 emissions.

The housing built by PROMUSA (pilot site) is geared to specific population groups in Sant Cugat, and grouped together in the following categories: Housing for Sale, General Rental Housing, Rental Housing for Young People and Rental Housing for the Elderly.

Engineering and Consulting: Development of engineering projects in renewable energy and cogeneration; design of energy-efficient solutions in residential, service and industrial projects; design and development of ICT systems design based on energy saving and efficiency standards; computer modelling services for the energy parameterisation; technological solutions for the demand management, control systems and automation for power and industrial facilities. Energea also offers energy consulting services like energy audits or energy building and environmental certifications.

Energea professionals are accredited by the organisation EVO (Efficiency Valuation Organisation) in CMVP (Certified Measurement & Verification Professional) methodology.

Energy Management: Design and implementation of Energy Management Systems; monitoring and control plans for energy consumption; technological service in applications and devices that are energy efficient; project technical control; technical assistance for the development of improvement measures that have to do with energy saving and energy efficiency matters; training and awareness raising in energy saving and energy efficiency.

Key personnel

Laura Garcia – laura.garcia@3e-energea.com