The report is focused on analysis of the existing standardisation landscape in the areas of smart grids, demand response, machine-to-machine communication, and interaction between energy market stakeholders to be used to build the HOLISDER framework for Demand Response optimisation.

The selected list includes nine architecture models, information models, ontologies, and communication standards (SGAM, IEC 61970/61968, 61850, 62746, OpenADR, SAREF, EFI, USEF, and EMIX) that will help HOLISDER to exchange relevant market information with external actors involved in explicit or implicit forms of Demand Response, transmit specific Demand Response signals within HOLISDER framework, connect HOLISDER to energy management systems deployed in residential or commercial buildings, as well as to interact directly with individual assets, appliances, generation sources and storage systems.

These recommended standards will be used as inputs to the specification of HOLISDER Common Information Model.

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