Barriers and progress for demand response in Europe

Fri 7 June, 9am – Grotta di Nettuno room

Sim4Blocks will be attending this year’s conference, hosting a workshop on demand response in Europe alongside DR.BOB, NOVICE and HOLISDER – three leading projects in the energy market.

Sustainable Places 2019 will take place in Cagliari on the island of Sardinia between 5-7 June, bringing together experts and other stakeholders working towards the common goal of creating a more sustainable built environment to help mitigate climate change and energy use.

For the first year, Sim4Blocks are running a 90 minute long workshop to facilitate discussions concerning the uptake of demand response in Europe and the market barriers that remain. Technological, regulatory, economic and environmental factors will frame the debate and will be underpinned by the newest research results from the participating researchers.

Alongside Sim4Blocks, three leading European projects in the field of energy and demand response will help moderate and lead discussions: DR.BOB, NOVICE and HOLISDER. Together, their expertise span energy management optimisation, emerging value propositions for commercial buildings, business models for incentivised building renovations, increased consumer empowerment and much more.

The workshop will be taking place on Friday 7 June at 9am in the Grotta di Nettuno room. 

The agenda for SP2019 is packed with workshops, sessions and keynotes from some of the world’s leading international figures. The conference prides itself on being an ideal platform for disseminating research, conducting workshops, EU project clustering and networking between stakeholders of all types.

Register and attend the Sim4Blocks workshop here!