At the end of March, a small team from Sim4Blocks attended the 6th Annex 67 working meeting in Barcelona, Spain along with 49 other participants from 14 countries, to discuss the deliverables that aim to increase awareness of the energy flexibility of buildings in the EU.

Annex 67, coordinated by the International Energy Agency (IEA) holds the biannual meetings with other leading projects in the field of renewable energy technologies, to collaborate and exchange information and in-depth knowledge on the flexibility potential of buildings for the design of future smart energy systems and buildings.

Sim4Blocks recently successfully collaborated with the project and Malcolm Yadack, Ursula Eicker, Donal Finn and Mattia from the project, were invited to attend and participant in the meeting on the 26-28 March. The meeting, hosted by the Catalonia Institute for Energy (IREC), was used to discuss seven Annex 67 deliverables, these included:

  • D1 – Source Book: Principles of energy flexible buildings
  • D2 – Definition, indicators and methodology for characterisation of energy flexibility in buildings
  • D3 – How to characterise and label energy flexibility in buildings
  • D4 – Stakeholders’ perspectives on energy flexibility in buildings
  • D5 – Control strategies and algorithms
  • D6 – Test facilities
  • D7 – Examples on how to obtain energy flexibility in buildings

In particular, the focus was on the efforts to establish a common definition and standardised framework for applying demand response to buildings and allowing for common, standard performance indicators. These are very relevant issues if demand response is to be scaled-up to European level.

The Sim4Blocks team found the meeting and the networking exchange extremely informative for the project’s development and progression. For more information, contact Ursula Eicker at:

More information on the Annex 67 meeting can be found on the Annex67 website here.