Sim4Blocks attended and presented on the future of demand response at the 4th Asia Conference of International Building Performance Simulation Association (IBPSA) at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University on the 3-5 December 2018.

The biannual IBPSA ASIM2018 conference is a platform for academics, professionals, consultants, designers, engineers and research students to exchange ideas, knowledge and information about building performance simulation around the world.

Energy flexibility and demand response from a smart grid perspective, was one of the key topics covered by the congress. The School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering UCD Energy Institute, University College Dublin (UCD) represented Sim4Blocks during the Software/Interface Development, Test and Validation session at the conference, presenting on: Building Energy Flexibility for Future Demand Response Markets.

After introducing demand response and the challenges that face getting demand response services and systems in buildings, Mattia De Rosa, senior researcher at UCD, described in his keynote speech the research taking place at Wüstenrot, Sim4Blocks’ pilot site in Germany, and presented a detailed data assessment. The presentation also covered modelling reduction techniques, which are essential to the development of fast and reliable models that are able to capture a buildings demand response potential.

De Rosa also discussed energy flexibility definitions and assessment procedures, which is a challenging research gap within both the project, and in the wider field of flexible energy systems that needs to be addressed.

The session demonstrated a lot of interest in Sim4Blocks and the research it is accruing. From the numerous insights and perspectives discussed amongst various PhD students, researchers and professionals, Sim4Blocks is aiming to develop from this promising network, Asian colleagues who are interested in exploiting the expertise gained from the project.

ASim2018 also included a host of keynote speeches, technical sessions, workshop sessions and poster presentations.

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