Energea, Sim4Blocks partner and experts in engineering and consultancy for energy users interested in reducing energy bills and environmental impact, presented the project at Spain’s influential, Conference on Electrical Aggregators.  

The electrical aggregator conference in Spain is highly significant. From extensive research recently compiled by Sim4Blocks, Spain was identified as the only country out of the project’s six EU countries (Spain, France, Switzerland, UK, Belgium, Germany) to hold detrimental barriers to the implementation of demand response (DR) services. The situation currently stands that the government controls electricity and does not allow aggregators to participate, and yet studies reveal that aggregators are key to the continued success of the energy-balancing market.

Energea presented, Putting demand response services into practice in blocks of buildings. Their presentation went into detail regarding the success of Sim4Blocks’ research so far, looking at the three pilot sites before turning attention to the details of the St Cugat site in Spain: the structure of the data collection and interfaces such as smart meters; the ICT architecture of how this real-time data will be collected, stored and processed; and the implementation of demand response optimisation models at building level through both direct load demand response and indirect incentivised demand response (behaviour models to forecast the electricity load profile of uses). This was a great opportunity for other Spanish companies to see the progress Sim4Blocks has made in turning Spain into an accessible country for flexible energy services.

As well as Energea, representatives from Spanish companies SmartGird, Incasol, ICAEN and Emelcat presented. Together they addressed the current state of the Spanish system and presented the possibilities of evolution in the electrical market, how to tackle these issues and how they will be addressed. The conference is looking to make changes towards a more sustainable system that opens the door to new actors in the electrical system.

There are currently a lot of obstacles facing the Spanish system and the conference addressed one of the biggest issues, the need to connect consumers with aggregators. By allowing consumers to actively participate in the electricity market, they can positively impact energy savings and the environment, just as many other citizens are doing throughout Europe through various schemes.

We hope to hear from Energea regarding the progress of implementing business models for flexible energy and aggregator participation.

The conference took place on 9th May 2018. For more information, please contact Laura Garcia, Energea: laura.garcia@3e-energea.com.