With ambitious targets set by the EU to significantly reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gases, workable strategies for flexible energy use are fast becoming essential. Sim4Blocks is an EU-funded project developing the best way of delivering demand response services to the market while ensuring commercial viability for energy suppliers.

The project recently held its first webinar, titled “Testing innovative demand response systems: An introduction and discussion of energy flexibility initiatives at the blocks-of-buildings-scale developed by the Sim4Blocks project”.

Malcolm Yadack, innovation manager from HFT-Stuttgart, provided an overview of the results and the challenges of the project, and also spoke more broadly bout the challenges of implementing demand response with residential users.

To provide a picture of the market requirements and market modelling for demand response systems, Pauline Raux-Defossez, a research fellow at EIFER, described the EU electricity markets and the role of the aggregators in these markets, before highlighting some of the main regulatory barriers facing implementation.

Delivering the complex maths behind the project, Jordi Cipriano, director of the Building Energy and Environment Group at CIMNE, explained the validation methodology how it is being developed and tested in Sim4Blocks. In particular, direct load control and indirect incentivised demand response strategies were discussed.

Dirk Pietruschka of ENISYST followed by providing a comprehensive look at the project’s three pilot sites, discussing the different technologies, initial impacts and concrete results from each site.

During the webinar, the audience of professionals from the fields of flexible buildings, energy systems and energy markets took part in a survey about what they thought were the main barriers to successfully implementing demand response systems in Europe.

These questions, and the results, along with the webinar on demand, can be found here.

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For any questions regarding the webinar or the project, please contact Amelia: amelia@ipl.eu.com.