Sim4Blocks Webinar

Testing innovative demand response systems
An introduction and discussion of energy flexibility initiatives at the
blocks-of-buildings-scale developed by the Sim4Blocks project

29 March 2019 – Watch Live and on demand. Register today!

With ambitious targets set by the EU to significantly reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gases, workable strategies for flexible energy use are fast becoming essential. Sim4Blocks is an EU-funded project developing the best way of delivering demand response services to the market while ensuring commercial viability for energy suppliers.

The project’s first webinar takes a close look at the progress being made after two years’ work in adding flexibility to our energy markets through a variety of demand response systems, now being tested at three demo sites. Expert project partners from HFT-Stuttgart, CIMNE, EiFER and Enisyst will be leading discussions on the following topics:

  • Market modelling – adding flexibility to our energy markets.
  • Validation methodology of demand response.
  • Sim4Blocks pilot sites (Germany, Spain, Switzerland) – initial impacts.

Sim4Blocks is strongly focused on energy services in blocks of buildings and the presentations will go into detail about how the project is developing appropriate business models for the energy services at this level and how it has gone about optimising demand response monitoring for future smart building indicators.

Lastly, the webinar will divulge on-going project results from some of the pilot sites located across the EU, highlighting factors such as use, response and costs of the demonstrations.

Demand a response!

During the webinar you will have the opportunity to submit any questions you may have to the speakers, which will be answered live during the designated Q&A session at the end of the webinar.

Who should attend?

This webinar will interest academics in the fields of flexible buildings, energy systems and energy markets in addition to demand response. Also, professionals in the energy sectors for example, from utilities, aggregators and energy consultants.

Registering for the webinar will also allow you to become part of a growing network of key actors in the demand side response and flexible energy use space in Europe, taking part in discussions and learning lessons about this vital sector as it quickly develops. 

Join us at the webinar to learn how Sim4Blocks is progressing demand response. Register here!