The main objectives of this work package are to:

  • Specify the details of the different use cases at the pilot sites of smart user interaction, energy market participation
  • Specify the interaction between home automation components, blocks of buildings management system and aggregator DR schemes
  • Specify hard- and software requirements and functionalities for energy management systems
  • Define scope and functionalities for business models for the pilot sites and larger national/European markets

Swiss pilot site

13 buildings are included in this network and have been built for a number of years, fitted with heat pumps that are contracted to not be modified internally and so Sim4Blocks has added gateways to the outside of these heat pumps.

These gateways allow the project the get the data they need to establish algorithms that thermally regulate the 13 buildings. The project is in the process of testing there gateways to check they work and alter their function at different times of the day to see the impact of the temperature and comfort levels, and to measure the energy consumption.

The project will then try and implement a new algorithm for the heat pump regulation in order to test different models of regulation and look at the results.

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