The main objectives of this work package are to:

  • Provide software capable of proposing the optimal management strategy to a (building) energy management system over a future period whose implementation will take place in WP4
  • Provide a simulation environment capable of testing the conditions that will enable the fruitful implementation of energy management concepts and technologies (e.g. DSM, DR, integrated energy management at the neighbourhood level) that will be used in WP7 for informing policy-makers and shaping market conditions

Current updates

  • Time is spent testing and improving the algorithms developed in WP3; applying them to a simulation model at Naters and testing the infrastructure in Naters for future implementation of the algorithms. These algorithms also hope to be tested on a hardware-in-the-loop installation in HES-SO’s lab as an intermediate between validating work in a simulation environment and pilot site.

Planned dissemination:

  • Two papers for submission at the beginning of 2019

Work package point of contact

Jessen Page –