This work package is devoted to the study of the transformation and/or release of ENM along their life cycle (production, manufacturing, use and disposal) when used in existing applications or industrial processes, and the assessment of environmental and health impacts of these releases. Efforts will concentrate firstly on identifying the main industrial applications, using information provided by relevant companies.

The criteria for the selections will include: the current existence of final products incorporating the ENMs of relevance to NANOSOLUTIONS or, otherwise, their production for close to market applications, and the volume of production as well. For each ENM and application selected, the life cycle stages that are most likely to result in the transformation of the ENMs and/ or to result in the release of ENMs from cradle to grave will be defined. Those will determine the selection of realistic simulation processes to be undertaken, using a range of nanotechnology-enabled products of commercial relevance.

Experimental simulations will allow evaluation of the transformation, quantify the release and to collect the transformed or released ENM for hazard testing in other work packages, to compare with the initial nanomaterials.